Collaboration Workflow on Declarative Platform

Clone and import public libraries, reuse and customize everything effectively and efficiently. Start with a free Starter and upgrade later if you need more.



per year

For developer team and freelancers, who want building and sharing

  • Public Projects

  • Public Libraries

  • CUI Components

  • Single Language

  • Hosting Backoffice

  • Basic NLU Model

  • Limited Integration

  • Community Support



per mo per user

For growing teams and agencies who want stronger permissions

  • Everything included in Starter and:

  • Collaboration Workflow

  • Private Projects

  • Multi Language

  • Omni Channel

  • Hosting Support

  • Private Deployed

  • Advanced NLU Model

Case Based


Bring enterprise-level security, compliance and flexible deployment

  • Everything included in Team and:

  • Different mode NLU Model

  • Remove Framely Branding

  • Custom Integrations

  • Advanced security, performance and customer success