WeChat Official Account


A WeChat Official Account exists in the form of a Wechat user's contact and chat is the basis for the interaction between the Official Account and its users.

We are going to show here how to integrate Framely with WeChat and deploy the chatbot to a Framely hosted environment. For the private deployment, please consult systems in your organization.

Follow these steps to configure:

Before You Begin

If you don't have WeChat Official Account, set up one first.

  1. Go to WeChat Official Account Platform, click Register Now
  2. Select Service Account or Subscription Account, and follow the instructions that are provided on the screen to complete the process.

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Set Up WeChat Official Account

  1. Go to WeChat Official Account Platform and log in with your WeChat Official Account.
  2. In the Setting and Development field, click Basic configuration.
  3. In the Official Account development information field, 📋 copy Developer ID(AppID) and Developer Password(AppSecret)

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If you used Developer Password(AppSecret) before but didn't store it, you can click Reset to get a new one.

  1. Click Configuration (or View), add to IP whitelist and click Confirm modification to save the modification.

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Add WeChat Channel

  1. From the chatbot page, click Setting > Integrations. In the Channels field, click Add New > Wechat Official Account

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  1. Fill the Name box and Token. Paste AppID and AppSecret you copied. 📋 Copy Callback URL and Token. This will be used to configure the WeChat Official Account URL.

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3.Deploy your chatbot.

Configure Server

  1. Back to WeChat Official Account Platform, In the Server Configuration (服务器配置) field, click Change Configuration.

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  1. Paste Callback URL and Token you copied.
  2. Click Random Generation to generate EncodingAESKey and click Submit.

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Test Your Chatbot

Once you deploy successfully, you can try to send messages to your WeChat Official Account to test your chatbot now. If you get a response, you have fully set up your app for receiving messages! 🎉

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