Access Control

Collaboration is encouraged on the Framely platform. This is through you as an owner, inviting other people to be members of your organisation. You can also manage collaborators. We will discuss how to do that in a few steps:

Note that some of the collaboration flow actions are based on our flexible plans.

Org Management

How to invite collaborators

1. Click on the settings menulink to move to the organisation settings.

2 Click on Team member tab to move to the new page.

3 Click on Add member.

add team member

When you add a member, you can perform the following actions on them. This is how you as an owner can manage members.

  • Set as owner

  • Convert member to collaborator(Member now can longer access internal projects).

  • Remove member

Collaborators can make changes and make pull requests. This will be reviewed, approved and Merged. The reviewer can also close the pull request. Changes made by member are not visible on the master branch until they make a pull request.

Project Management

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