End users here are handled for you. All you have to do is configure the chatbot and webhooks. With integration, you are working with a channel.

In this guide we will configure a chatbot and deploy and interact with it on the user's end. We will try this usin whatsapp business.

Before you begin

You need to have gone through the following:

Setting up

We shall use the ping pong chatbot we created in the earlier section.

1 Click Settings on your chatbot.

2 Click on the Integrations tab

2 On the Channels section Click Add new and select WhatsApp Business


4 Follow this process to get access token. Get access token with whatsapp business

5 How to configure webhook

6 Once you have configured the webhook and deployed your chatbot, you should be able to test it.

To deploy a chatbot, you should find a button that initiates the deployment process allowing your chatbot to be available to end users. url

Results: whatsapp

Now we have a deployed version. Learn how to use other channels available at the moment here

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