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Create and log in to your Framely account.

You can start using Framely to build your Chatbots by signing up for a Starter workspace plan, which is good for developers and freelancers who want building and sharing. You can also upgrade your workspace plans for both individuals and teams, add and remove team members and collaborators.

Follow the following steps to get a Framely account. Let's begin:

Signing up for an account

To create your starter Framely account, visit the Sign Up page :

sign up

Filling out these questions here, then click Submit :


Need To Know

As we only support signing in with GitHub, please make sure the email address you provide is the one you used for your GitHub account. For more information about GitHub account, see Getting started with your GitHub account.

After submitting, if you get the response “Thanks for taking the time to fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you” like below 👇 , this means the form was submitted successfully:


You will wait an Email notification, which will inform you that you now have access to Framely with your GitHub account, and you can log into your Framely account now 🎉.

Logging into your account

You can log into your Framely account with your GitHub account. This allows you to log into simply by clicking the Sign in with GitHub button:

sign in

If you don't have account yet, you can click the Click to sign up link below, and go through with signing up for an account above first:

click to sign up

Are you ready

Before beginning to build your first chatbot, you should be familiar with the following materials:

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  2. Before You Start
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