Version Control

This is how we manage and track changes to software code. A good example of version control is git. Framely version control is modeled after git. Others can't see your branch, so you have to merge to master so that others can view the master version. Version control helps members collaborate in building the chatbot.

1. Make sure that you have committed the changes on EN and then you should be back to STRUCT

2. Click on version on the SideMenu

3. Click on + Pull Request and you should be able to see your commit:

Pull request is used to indicate that you want to merge to master


4. Click on the item and drawer should slide in and click Approve This is the review stage that can be done by your peers. For our case, we will just approve.


5. Click on merge when the next drawer slides in. This should pop a modal where you enter version tag and clickSave . The changes are merged into master.


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